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Classic Flip - Strategy Page

If you're ready to take your Classic Flip play to the next level, this is where you want to be!

On this page, we share many insightful strategies that are helping players like you get the most out of their Classic Flip experience - And you can start using them today to "flip" the table on your opponents (see what we did there?)...

Oh yeah, and if you have a strategy that you don't see below (that you're willing to share), please send it to us using our "Contact" form (here) - Otherwise, just enjoy the strategies below:

Should you grab that community card before someone else does?

If the card is a "Wild 8" or the "Any" card, your decision is an easy one - Get that card! If it's a standard card (not an action card or "Wild 8") and it's early in the game, it's usually a better move to take 2 cards from the draw pile - Especially if you only have 2 or 3 cards in your hand with the value you're collecting. If you already have 4 or 5 of a kind and that community card will really boost your score, by all means grab that sucker before another player screws up your plan and get ready to call Flip!

When is the best time to play that "TAKE" action card?

If you saw another player grab a "Wild 8", an action card (other than the BLOCK or Any), or a card with a value that you're trying to collect, it is usually better to grab it early rather than wait until later in the game. You want to avoid the other player slapping the "BLOCK" card in your face when you move in for that card with your "TAKE"... And the longer you wait, the more likely the other player is to get the "BLOCK" or "Any" card from the draw pile.

How can you play the "Any" action card as the "7>>>10" and the "2X" in the same round?

While it is true that the "Any" action card may represent any of the other 53 cards in the game, it may only be representing one at a time. It's a common misunderstanding made by newer Classic Flip players to use the "Any" card as the "7>>>10" action card initially, fill up their hand with 10 cards and then when scoring the hand, try to pass it off as the "2X" action card while still holding 10 cards. You can count it as both during the round, but only if you discard down to 7 cards in your hand before you score the hand. The danger here is that since you have to do that before your turn where you call "Flip", your opponents may see your massive discard attempt and figure out what you're about to do. To your horror, they then use a timely "CHAOS" or "SWAP" on you just before you call "Flip" and bring the pain - Don't let this happen to you!

You have 5 of a kind (playing "Classic" rules), should you call "Flip!" or wait for 6 of a kind?

Wow - This is one of the toughest decisions you make in this game... A lot depends on the scores you and your opponents have at the time you have to make this call. If another player is close to winning the game (let's say they have 160 points), you may want to call "Flip" now and hopefully prevent them from scoring the remaining 40 points they need to win the game. On the "flip" side (yeah I know, lame), if it's early on or you have a big lead on the other players, it may be best to get that 6th card, take the double score and bring home the bacon. Knowing the score is the key factor here!

Do you risk a "Hand Challenge" late in the game?

If the draw pile is getting kinda small, chances are that the "Any" and "7>>>10" action cards are in somebody's hand (if not your hand). If you are lucky enough to have both the "Any" and "7>>>10" in your hand and you see another player trying to pull a fast one by stocking up on 9 or 10 cards, the call is automatic - BUST 'EM! If you're not sure, it's best to believe them, unless you play with ruthless, bluffing, crazy people... And if that's the case, a hand challenge is the least of your worries!

Is it safe for you to play your "BLOCK" as a "DRAW" once the "TAKE" card has been played?

Usually this is a safe play - The only exceptions being 1) You play with crazy, completely random opponents who would even consider playing their "Any" action card as a "TAKE" or 2) The draw pile is really small (will be shuffled soon) and you know there's a chance somebody may draw the "TAKE" card from the newly shuffled cards in the draw pile.

Which players should you play the "STEAL" card against?

Well, assuming you like the people you play Classic Flip with, this is more of a strategy decision than a personal one. Do you know which player is in the lead? It's usually a good idea to try to weaken their hand with your timely "STEAL" play. You'll also want to play it against anyone you've seen pick up a card you need from the community cards during the round. There's a chance you might snag the card you want with that "STEAL" in addition to other cards you may need. My son, Caleb, played the "STEAL" once and randomly grabbed the Gold "Wild 8" from his sister and the "Any" card from my hand (1 in 7 chance which is why I didn't play it as the "BLOCK" - Doh!) in one fell swoop. Of course he called "Flip" his very next turn! Ouch.

More to come... Please check back soon or send us your favorite strategy!