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Classic Flip - Hall of Fame

Classic Flip Backers

Without the support of the people pledging to back the Classic Flip project currently listed at, Classic Flip would not be coming to a store near you...

Sure, they're locking in a great game at a great price before anyone will be able to buy it in a store (assuming we hit our funding goal) - But without their support, we wouldn't even need a "Hall of Fame" section on our Web site, because without them, there is no Classic Flip!

The names of all of the backers will be proudly displayed here at's Hall of Fame section, if we reach our funding goal and are able to publish this awesome game.

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If so, then get on over to our project today (here) and become a backer!

Already a backer? Thank you!! Please tell your friends and anyone else you know that appreciates a good game of cards who may be interested in getting their hands on a deck of Classic Flip cards... Otherwise, they may try to walk off with yours!

Classic Flip - "160" Club

If you've recently played a round of Classic Flip ("Classic Rules") and managed to pull off a hand worth 160 points, then take a photo of that bad boy and send it to us so we can post it here! Yeah, how many games reward your ability to kick butt with a photo op and some sweet bragging rights??? Make sure the players you just beat down are in the photo, too!

Classic Flip - "320" Club

If you've recently played a round of Classic Flip ("Classic Rules") and managed to pull off the hand of a lifetime... We're talkin' MASSIVE! The BIG KAHUNA! The holy grail of hands... worth 320 points! Please do us the honor of sending along your photo with your amazing hand so we can share your achievement with all Classic Flip players everywhere! If she's available, try to get your mom in the photo with you, so we can see her pride in your accomplishment! You can check out the Classic Flip "320 Club" here!